Red Bow Realty Welcomes Jen Schmitt as Our Team/Sales Manager and Licensed REALTOR!

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Jen Schmitt Brings 13 Years of Leadership Experience, and 6 Years of Mortgage Knowledge, to Red Bow Realty.

As Red Bow Realty’s Sales Manager, Jen Schmitt will implement new softwares & processes to streamline daily workflow for the team. She will provide training & support to current team members, as well as develop a seamless onboarding plan & training for future recruits that she’ll add to the team. As a licensed REALTOR, Jen will specialize in being a listing agent, but the majority of her focus will be providing the team with the support and strategies they need to take their production numbers to the next level – while also making sure that Red Bow Realty’s clients receive the A+ service that the company is known for.

“Jen brings a fresh perspective to the team, and her knowledge of the mortgage world, combined with her passion, her focus, her determination and drive will only help Red Bow reach new heights. If you don’t know Jen already, she is the best problem solver I have ever seen, and that is exactly what our jobs are – we are customer service-oriented problem solvers. I am thrilled to have another team member join us who is so excited about, and dedicated to, helping the team achieve all of our goals!” – Leah Mark, Owner & Managing Broker of Red Bow Realty

Jen Schmitt has been drawn to leadership roles since she owned her own business in 2008. She has expanded her leadership skills at places like Mutual Bank and Notre Dame Federal Credit Union, which she left in 2017 to continue her journey in the housing industry at Ruoff Mortgage. She has also shown a natural ability to re-write and organize processes, in order to make workflow as streamlined and efficient as possible, as well as coaching teams on ways to meet (and exceed) their production goals.

Red Bow Realty owner, Leah Mark, was voted the #1 Realtor by the South Bend Reader’s Choice, and has been named one of America’s Top 100 Real Estate Agents for 2020. Red Bow Realty was voted as the area’s #2 Top Real Estate Brokerage, and the current average number of days it takes Red Bow to sell a house (most times over asking price) is 72% faster than the average for the area (only 9 days).

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